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วันนี้ 465
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ทั้งหมด 694,004
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เมื่อวาน 288
ทั้งหมด 938,471
Emotional Mind Deep Wellness Treatment Course (Advanced Level)

Treatment price  1.5 hours 6,000  , 2 hours 7,000 Baht 

The course tuition 100,000 Baht

Emotional, Rational, and Wise

Emotional Deep Treatment is designed for

treating people with emotional stress that

have an impact on their physical well being

(mind-body relationships). For instance,

muscular tension and spasm are ameng

resulting from stress. This treatment will be a

great choice to help alleviate mind-body

related issues. This massage technique will go

lation system, brain

functions, spiritual and soul level. 

สอนกลุ่ม เรียนนวด Emotional Mind Deep Wellness Treatment Course.
1-5 ก.พ.2566  รับจำนวนจำกัด 

(Advanced Level)

By Master Mae KaeStyle  Ms.KanNada Viangdhamma

Treatment of prostate cancer and BPH.

 A professional massage and energy healing therapist and trainer providing holistic health care for

all ages and genders. Living in Bangkok, Thailand.For enquiry and appointment,please

contact me : 080 195 6554

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