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ครูน้ำเงิน ยินดีต้อนรับค่ะ 

Welcome to Auksika Wellness 

Master “Mae Kae” Style,

Ms.Kannada Viangdhamma (Kru NamNgeing), is a professional massage therapist, an energy healer, and a trainer with many years of experiences in multiple modalities. She provides holistic health care treatments and therapeutic services to support healing from stress, endocrine system, blood production and circulatory system, and cancers. Examples of therapeutic services include: Kundalini Blood treatment, Prostate cancer and BPH, Bone Marrow Vasculature Enhancement Treatment, Emotional Deep Wellness 

Nuad Jab Kasai Sen  “Nuad Jub Kasai Tendon”

Kasai Nei Tsang 

(“Nuad Jub Kasai Sen” in Thai) or “Mae Kae” Style Traditional Massage for Genitals and Sexual Organs 

“Kasai” massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment caring for physical and emotional health against aging process. In Thai history, the treatment were for only those from a noble class due to a shortage of skillful practitioners. Since this invaluable knowledge were only passed along from generation to another within the family.

                  Our massage treatments integrate Western style with our traditional style. Our traditional style also combined knowledges and trainings from various masters, and incorporated with meditative practice.

Inheritance is an inheritance. Traditional medical treatment

Forward generations The ancient Thai. 

We stick to guide the work of restoring Ayurvedic medicine Ayurveda.


The Three States of Mind: Emotional Mind, Reasonable Mind, and Wise Mind. Wise Mind = "Balance between the reasonable & emotional halves. Able to recognize and respect their feelings, while responding to them in a rational manner. provides us with a great Sunday Self Care/Mental Health spread.

ตารางงานครูน้ำเงิน ( ท่านสามารถดู เวลา วันว่าง ก่อนการนัดหมาย ) 

แผนที่บ้านอักษิกา  โทร 0801956554

ศูนย์การเรียนรู้ภูมิปัญญาพื้นบ้าน ศาสตร์แม่แก่
The Granny Wisdom Trainning Center 

By Master Mae KaeStyle  Ms.KanNada Viangdhamma

Treatment of prostate cancer and BPH.

 A professional massage and energy healing therapist and trainer providing holistic health care for

all ages and genders. Living in Bangkok, Thailand.For enquiry and appointment,please

contact me : 080 195 6554

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